Oh, hi there!
My name's Sapphire  (yes, that's my real name!) and I'm not great at writing bios so, uh...strap in!
Currently I am the Creative Producer & Director of "Something Scary" on YouTube.com/Snarled, a weekly show where I tell ghost stories and add animation to them. It's also available as a podcast. New episodes every Tuesday!
Also on Snarled is my new show School Spirit, a (sort of) animated series about 2 friends at a college where the ghosts are harassing students.
I am also a part-time professor at Loyola Marymount University, where I teach a class that discusses cultural and social issues through the lens of animation and entertainment. Check out my students' blog here!
Before landing these tight dream jobs, I was a freelance animator and character designer for TV shows and commercials.. 
I also have 2 really cute dogs, here's a bunch of photos you didn't ask for:
To see more, head over to my Instagram @awkwardsapphire
I also had the honor of being interviewed on Animation Ninja!
Did I mention that I DJ??? Lolol If you need a DJ & MC for your event, hit me up!

I also stream on Twitch!
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